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A Journey of Faith
in Saint Patrick's Cathedral


The Great West Window.

The Great West Window


This window depicts thirty-nine episodes in the life of Saint Patrick, Apostle of Ireland.

Saint Patrick was born sometime around 370-380 AD, his exact birth date is unknown.He was born to a wealthy Roman family in Britain. The exact location of his home is also uncertain. In fact very little is known about his early years until we reach his sixteenth birthday, and that is where we pick up his story in this window.


Saint Patrick’s Early Life and Hardships.

The left light of the West Window


Saint Patrick is Called and Consecrated to be the Apostle of Ireland.

The right light of the West Window


Saint Patrick’s Role in the Downfall of Druidism and the Establishment of Christianity.

The central light of the West Window

Saint Patrick trusted God implicitly and had faith to believe in Jesus Christ.


Let's continue with our tour as we walk into the north aisle.

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