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A Journey of Faith
in Saint Patrick's Cathedral


The South Transept continued.

We now continue around the south transept aisle.
If you stand beside the Marsh monument,
which is located in the centre of the south wall,
and look towards the west wall of the south transept,
you will see the next window we shall be studying.

The Saint Patrick's Window.

We have already spent time looking at the life of Saint Patrick, using
the great west window. Here we have another window dedicated to the
life of Saint Patrick. This window is divided into three sections. 


Saint Patrick banishes the snakes from Ireland


The legends of Saint Patrick portrayed.


Saint Patrick shares the Gospel with King Laoghaire

God faithfully cries out to you each daya message of forgiveness.

  He longs for you to return home,just as the Prodigal Son did.

  Are you listening?


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