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A Journey of Faith
in Saint Patrick's Cathedral


As you continue up the north choir aisle, you enter into a small chapel put aside for personal prayer and meditation.


Saint Peter's Chapel.

This Chapel dedicated to Saint Peter, is put aside for private prayer,
and is used daily by many people who come into the cathedral.
It is a place of peace and tranquility where people can lift before God
those who are in need of healing, and those who need God’s help.


It is appropriate that we look at the next four windows together, as they
were all created by the same man, C. E. Kemp, in the early part of
the twentieth century, and are all about the life of Saint Peter. They can
be seen on the north wall of Saint Peter’s Chapel to your left, and they are
the last four windows of the north wall of the main cathedral building.


The C. E. Kemp Windows dedicated to Saint Peter.

Peter kneels before Jesus the Messiah


Peter is miraculously released from prison by an angel


Peter accepts his calling and receives the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven


Peter speaks to the crowd at Pentecost

Do you know that this promise still stands today?

Have you asked God to forgive you?

Have you received the gift of the Holy Spirit?


You might be thinking to yourself,

“What chance have I got to receive God’s forgiveness? 

I’m not like Peter, I haven’t always been good like him,

and I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life.”

Peter too made mistakes!


Peter betrays his Lord as the cockerel crows for the third time


Peter receives his commission from Jesus


Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemene. "Peter are you still sleeping?"


Peter meets the risen Jesus on the Appian Way, carying his cross


Do you let your mistakes hold you back?

Perhaps now is the time for you to learn
from your mistakes, like Peter did,
so that you can move on and grow in your faith.

You might even find that Jesus has a special job
for you to do, just like he had for Peter.

Take some time today to think about it!


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